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About Shara Gillahan

Shara Gillahan Profile

Shara began her millinery journey back in 2007 after attending a millinery workshop and creating her first headpiece to wear to the races. Fast forward three years of study at Kangan Bateman TAFE and being taught by some of Australia's leading milliners by the likes of Georgina Conheady, Serena Linderman & Waltraud Reiner, Shara had found her passion in creating stunning headpieces.

In 2013, Shara travelled to Ireland, UK and USA to continue her training from world renowned milliners Lina Stein, Ian Bennett & Wayne Witchern and continues to keep her training ongoing.

Shara Gillahan Millinery is a label that creates headpieces that are designed to be elegant, classic, stylish with the occasional edge that suit the wearers personalities.  Each headpiece is crafted in her Melbourne studio using her most treasured possessions - her great grandmother's hat block and her grandfathers hand tools.  It is through these that each piece created feels deeply part of her families heritage.